b'institutions like the Noguchi Museum, and the parks are all things that the neighborhood has in bounds. Compared to the Lower East Side or Chelsea, for instance, it felt much more like a neighborhood rather than a big city, even though you are minutes away from the action.What do your photos of the neighborhood reveal about its history, character and community?I tried to capture what I thought was the essence of Astoriasome of the amazing pieces of architecture complimented by the people who live there. I think my photos reveal some of the moments that will resonate with those who are used to experiencing the neighborhood on an everyday basis, and seeing theold Greek men strolling about in their suits on their way to get coffee.What was the most alluring part of the area to shoot, and why?Astoria Park was one of my favorite places to shoot just because there is so much going on. From the famous swimming pool, to epic picnics under the bridge at sunset, there was always something happening in the park that made it a focal point of the shoot.Interview 68'