b'The Noguchi Museum Socrates Sculpture ParkIf youre ever in need of a moment of Just south of Hallets Cove Beach, a five-calm amongst the constant cacophonyacre patch of greenery between Vernon of New York, theres a perfect hideawayBoulevard and the East River plays host waiting for you. A place like no other into a roster of internationally renowned the Big Apple, The Noguchi Museumartists. This is Socrates Sculpture Park, transports visitors into a state of zen asa free outdoor exhibition space open they wander through its cavernous rooms,365 days a year from 9am until sundown. and marvel at the works of late artist andThe open area offers a perfect stage for architectural designer Isamu Noguchi.displaying large-scale artworks, as well as Time stands still in the serene garden,hosting a calendar of programming and where sculptures and trees are enclosedactivities on the grass.by high walls that block out the sights and sounds of the city beyond. Once an abandoned swath of reclaimed land, a coalition of artists and community Opened in 1985, the museum occupiesmembers transformed it into an open a former industrial building oppositestudio and exhibition space in 1986. Since Noguchis former studio, which he used asthen, over 1,000 sculptors, performershis base from 1961 as he traveled betweenand creative minds have showcased in this the United States, Japan, and Italy carvingart space that is also a designated New monolithic stone slabs, designing modernYork City public park.furniture and paper lanterns, and fabricat-ing huge public artworks. From the main entrance, a pathway meanders around the edge of the lawn, Since Noguchis death in 1988, the museumpast a welcome kiosk, artist studio, and has overseen the preservation of his leg- composting center. Through deciduous acy, often hosting exhibitions of his workstrees that showcase the seasons, the alongside those of contemporary artistsroute skirts the river where benchesthat either complement or juxtaposeallow for moments of pause while staringpieces from the archives. The program isacross the water, or back towards the continually updated, so theres always ansculptures on display. It finally loops excuse to visit time and time again. around to the northern edge and meets the beacha short, serene stroll perfect for art and nature lovers at any time of year. Arts & Culture 22'