b'when they see them?I take a lot of inspiration from the greats such asSlim Aarons, Saul Leiter, and Charles Traub, who just captured the simple moments of life unfolding in front of them. I try to bring a bit of nostalgia and simplicity to my photos so when people see them, it evokes a sense of being in that moment and experiencing it with me. I want to transport people into the photo. What were your initial impressions of Astoria when you first visited? Astoria really surprised me the first time I visited. Ive been to NYC so many times but never ventured across the river to that part of Queens before. Its such a cultural melting pot with an incredibly eclectic collection of architecture and design styles. The influence of Greek culture is hard to miss when wandering around: the Greek flags hanging from everyones houses, the blue-domed churches, andGreek lettering on various buildings, and the older gentlemen of the neighborhood chatting outside of the local cafes. It brought me back to Europefor some moments in time.What did you learn about Astoria while exploring and photographing it? Did you discover anything unexpected?Everything you could want in a city you can find in Astoria. Great restaurants, coffee shops, cultural 65 Interview'