b"When did you first discover photography and what about it as a medium was so enticing?My discovery of photography came by chance, and Im very glad it did. After graduating college, I worked for a menswear magazine where I got positioned as the Travel Editor in some stroke of luck. My first assignment was a press trip to the Dominican Republic, and I had to find a camera quickly before I jumped on the plane. So I went on eBay, boughta camera (nothing crazy or expensive), and a few days later, there I was sitting on the beach, falling in love with capturing the world around me. Whats your starting point when traveling to and photographing a new place?When I know I am heading to a new city, the first thing I do is research good coffee shops and create a Google Map where I pin a few key places, mostly to keepme from getting lost. I've found that, in most cities, thebest coffee shops tend to be in areas that are filledwith other great things such as museums, stores, design, etc. So those are usually my starting points and the rest of the day is more spontaneous. I am also a coffee addict so I stop at every cool coffee shop I come acrossI have to keep myself caffeinated when averaging 35,000 steps a day!How would you describe the style of your photos? What do you want people to feel Interview 64"