b'Residents young and old can also be found congregating in the 60 acres ofpublic green space that sit alongside the East River, which form the beating heart ofthis community. Astoria Park is bookended by the two towering bridges, which dramatically frame a varietyofoutdoor spaces that all overlook the water.For the active, the park has hiking trails, tennis and basketball courts, a running track, a skate park, and plenty ofgrassy areas for playing other ball sports. Those who prefer to pass their time more languidly can meet and dine at large picnic tables, read on benches, or find a secluded spot on the grass to while away the day. Astoria Park also lays claim to New York Citys oldest and largest public swimming pool. During the hot summer months, it forms an oasis ofrefreshment for people ofall walks oflife to splash around in view ofon-duty lifeguards, or sunbathe around its perimeter. Both the pool and the park again represent the wonderful miscellany ofthis corner ofthe city.People and their places 46'